Welcome to Oil Guru Services. (Guru is a Sanskrit term for “teacher” or “master”).

The professional recruitment website for the oil and gas industry. We are not an employer or an agency but simply put employers and candidates together using our advanced online recruitment system. We also offer industry professionals advice, free downloads, a country guide and a CV/Resume writing service.

Oil Guru Recruitment was founded by Lee Woodrow who still works in the drilling industry as a supervisor for a leading international service company. In 2010, Lee made his first website advertising his resume as a self employed contractor. From that point onwards Lee was asked by colleagues to write and advertise their resumes. Over the years, Oil Guru Recruitment has developed into a respected recruitment website within the international Oil and Gas industry and continues to grow everyday.

During the design of Oil Guru Recruitment, Lee quickly recognised that competitors websites were charging ridiculous amounts of money for matching candidates with employers. We therefore decided to beat the rest and offer the same services for free! Obviously we need to cover our overheads so we also offer featured listings and other paid services throughout the website.

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