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Investigation Launched Into Fire On Total North Sea Platform


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An investigation has been launched by Total after an electrical fire broke out on it’s North Alwyn Installation at around 22:10 on Friday the 9th of December.

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The fire which was described by Total as a “small electrical fire” broke out in a control cabinet in an electrical equipment cupboard on the North Sea Installation.

Due to the fire alarm being activated, the general platform alarm was sounded and all personnel were called to muster.

Personnel were later stood down and no-one was injured in the incident.

The North Alwyn platform lies about 270 miles North East of Aberdeen and will turn 30 years old next year.

A spokesperson for Total gave the following statement:

A small electrical fire occurred on Total’s North Alwyn B platform on 9 December. The fire occurred within a control cabinet in a electrical equipment room and was detected immediately by fixed detection systems within the room. The platform’s emergency response team mobilised and secured the room.

“As a consequence of the fire alarm being activated the general platform alarm was initiated and all personnel went to muster quickly and without any problems. Alwyn is currently in shutdown mode for annual maintenance, therefore all wells were already shut-in and no main process plant was operating at the time of the alarm.

“Preliminary investigations confirms an electrical component within an equipment cabinet had failed. Investigations are continuing to confirm the root cause of the incident.”


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